Hashima is located roughly 19km offshore from Nagasaki Harbor. It’s appearance resembled that of the battleship “Tosa,” hence the name “Gunkan,” which means “battleship” in Japanese. After 40 years of being closed, this deep sea coal mining island has reawakened and has joined us in carving out a new future!
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Operating Conditions


Notice from Yamasa Shipping

Before your

  • The Gunkanjima Landing & Cruise is reservation ONLY.
  • All applicants’ signatures on the following document are required to see the island:
    The “Safety Agreement for landing on Gunkanjima.” In order to board on cruise day, please submit this document signed at the reception desk.
  • Policies and Inhibition Standards Regarding Landing
    • Yamasa Shipping always makes sailing and landing safely its top priority.
    • Due to both national and city law and safety regulations, approaching and landing at Gunkanjima’s pier is strictly prohibited.
      1. When wind speeds exceed 5 m/s
      2. When oceanic waves exceed 0.5 meters in height
      3. When FOV (field of vision) around Gunkanjima drops under 500 meters
      4. In cases where a safety guide as deemed landing on Gunkanjima unsafe
      5. When the ship captain has deemed customer landing on Gunkanjima unsafe (despite clearing the above conditions)
      6. When our firm as determined landing impossible based on our designated safety standards

      Landing on the island is ultimately left to the discretion of the captain on the day of the cruise. However, in events such as poor wave and weather conditions or official alarms, even leaving the harbor itself will not be permitted.

  • When the ship cannot land, the cruise will change to “Gunkanjima Tour Cruise (110min) (Half-tour due to poor conditions).” Should this occur, customers will be refunded 10% of the tour cost (the cost of landing and seeing the island).
  • The ship may experience hard rocking. Please take any seasickness medicine before boarding.
  • There is an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) on board, but we would like to ask for those with chronic illnesses or ailments to refrain from joining the cruise. In an emergency, a medical helicopter will be called, but it can only land during favorable weather conditions.
  • Days that have met proper weather conditions for a successful landing on Gunkanjima total to roughly 100 days per year. For past landing information.
  • The Gunkanjima Landing & Cruise is reservation ONLY.
  • Policies and Inhibition Standards Regarding Landing
    Yamasa Shipping always makes sailing and landing safely its top priority.
    Due to both national and city law and safety regulations, approaching and landing at Gunkanjima’s pier is strictly prohibited.

The Gunkanjima Landing & Tour Cruise: Successful Shipping / Landing Rates

General information regarding the cruise

Service Times There are two tours scheduled per day, at 9:00 and 13:00. (Regular Line)
The vessels are in service daily from April until March the following year.
  Tour #1 Tour #2
Reception Opens

[Tour #1]


[Tour #2]

Boarding Starts (Pier #2)

[Tour #1]

8:40 est

[Tour #2]

12:40 est
Depart Nagasaki Port

[Tour #1]


[Tour #2]

Arrival at Gunkanjima/Tour

[Tour #1]

9:30 est

[Tour #2]

13:30 est
Depart Gunkanjima

[Tour #1]

10:30 est

[Tour #2]

14:30 est
Arrive at Nagasaki Port

[Tour #1]


[Tour #2]

※Times are subject to change based on operating conditions.
Schedule The tour takes 2.5 hours from departure to arrival in Nagasaki Port.

Regular Rates per person (fewer than 15 people)

  Boarding Fee Gunkanjima Entrance Fee
(charged by Nagasaki City)
[Adults] ¥4,200 +¥310

(Gunkanjima Entrance Fee
(charged by Nagasaki City))

[Junior High and High School Students] ¥4,200 +¥310

(Gunkanjima Entrance Fee
(charged by Nagasaki City))

[Elementary School Students] ¥2,100 +¥150

(Gunkanjima Entrance Fee
(charged by Nagasaki City))

Group Rates per person (15 people or more)

  Boarding Fee Gunkanjima Entrance Fee
(charged by Nagasaki City)
[Adults] ¥3,700 +¥250

(Gunkanjima Entrance Fee
(charged by Nagasaki City))

[Junior High and High School Students] ¥3,700 +¥250

(Gunkanjima Entrance Fee
(charged by Nagasaki City))

[Elementary School Students] ¥1,850 +¥120

(Gunkanjima Entrance Fee
(charged by Nagasaki City))

Cancellation Fee The following fee schedule applies when cancelling a reservation.
15+ days in advance No Fee
14-10 days in advance 10%
9-5 days in advance 20%
4 days - 1+ hour prior to departure 30%
Less than 1 hour prior to departure 100%
Battleship Island Landing & Tour
  • When applying, please download the reservation, contract, and precautions documents.
  • Children under age 6 can board the vessel with a parent or guardian, but they cannot enter the island.
    They must wait on board the vessel with a parent or guardian during the island tour phase.
  • A fee may be applied when cancelling a reservation.
  • FAQ are listed on the website, so please have a look.

Download Safety AgreementInternet Reservations / Inquiries

Service Route

Service Route

Cruise ship guide

A message for our passengers

On Yamasa Shipping's Gunkanjima cruise, your safety is our number one priority.
During cruising and after landing you will be accompanied by safety guides who will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable time. Our lists of precautions and post-landing restrictions are for your safety.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.




Total Length 35.20m
Molded Breadth 6.20m
Draft 1.25m
Total Tonnage 97 tons
Speed 25 knots
Passenger Capacity 225 people
Main Engine 1000HP×3
Other The first floor provides access to toilets and seating.
Marbella 3

Marbella 3

Total Length 30.68m
Molded Breadth 6.00m
Draft 1.00m
Total Tonnage 96 tons
Speed 25 knots
Passenger Capacity 221 people
Main Engine 1000HP×2


Are we guaranteed to make landfall on Gunkanjima? How often are the cruises able to disembark on the island?
Data about landings is posted here, however weather conditions ultimately determine whether we are able to make landfall. We cannot guarantee being able to disembark on the island.
Will the fees be affected if we are unable to make landfall?
If we are unable to make landfall, the Gunkanjima entrance fee will be refunded at the service window. If we are unable to depart, the full amount of the tour will be refunded.
Will the boat rock? What should I do about sea sickness?
The Gunkanjima sea area is 19 km away from Nagasaki Port. The water in Nagasaki Port is calm, but we may encounter strong winds and high waves in the area around Gunkanjima. This is not dangerous, but it will rock the vessel. Passengers concerned about seasickness are recommended to take motion sickness medication 30 minutes or more prior to boarding.
Will we have access to toilets on Gunkanjima?
You will not have access to any toilets while on Gunkanjima. You can use the toilets on board the vessel before disembarking. Please note that the toilets will likely become crowded shortly before disembarking, so please use them earlier, if possible.
Are beverages and food available for purchase during the cruise?
The vessel is equipped with a vending machine dispensing soft drinks. Nothing is available for purchase on Gunkanjima. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Please take your trash with you.
Are photography and video recording allowed?
You may freely take pictures and record video on Gunkanjima. However, you must get permission from Nagasaki City to use these materials for commercial purposes. Recording the vessels on-board announcements and videos is prohibited.
Are there any rest areas on Gunkanjima?
Gunkanjima does not have any rest areas. Also, the use of umbrellas is prohibited both on board the vessel and on Gunkanjima. In case of rain, please use a raincoat. Quantities are limited, but you can purchase simple raincoats on board.
Is there a place to store our baggage?(wheeled carry-bags, luggage, etc.)
There is no luggage storage area on board the ship or at the Yamasa Shipping counter. Please use the coin lockers on the first floor of the Nagasaki Port Terminal.
What kind of preparations are there in regards to rainy weather?
Simple rain gear may be purchased on board the ship during the cruise, however sizes and quantities are limited so please prepare your own in advance.
Can children younger than elementary school age enter Gunkanjima?
Children under 6 years of age cannot enter Gunkanjima. They must wait on board with a parent or guardian.
Can we use umbrellas on Gunkanjima?
For safety reasons, you need to have both hands free while in Gunkanjima. Therefore, the authorities have prohibited the use of umbrellas.
Is it possible to enter Gunkanjima in heels?
High heels do not provide a solid footing and increase the chance of an accident occurring while on board the vessel or while walking on the island. Therefore, you will be required to change into sandals or stay on board during the landing phase.
Can I board the ship with my pet?
In accordance with the authorities, you are not allowed to board the vessel or enter Gunkanjima with a pet.
Can I pay by credit card?
Credit card is not available. Please pay in cash.

The application process

  • 1. Reservations

    Cruises are by reservation only. Please contact us in advance.

  • 2. Reservation Procedure

    Internet Reservations / Inquiries

    TEL:095-822-5002(8:15~17:00) / FAX:095-822-5243

  • 3. Reception

    Please come to the reception window 45-60 minutes prior to the boarding time.
    You can complete the ticketing procedures at the Yamasa Shipping window on the first floor of Nagasaki Port Terminal.
    Here you can confirm your reservation, submit your contract, and pay for your boarding pass.
    In addition to the boarding pass, you will be required to pay a an entrance fee to Gunkanjima. This fee is charged by Nagasaki City.
    ※Based on the captain's judgment, there are cases where the vessel may not be able to make landfall on Gunkanjima. In this case the entrance fee will be refunded at the service window.

  • 4. Boarding

    Please gather in front of the Marbella docking area at Nagasaki Port, Ohato Pier #2 for boarding.
    Seats are unreserved and are available on a first-come, first served basis.
    Please show your ticket to the staff upon boarding.

  • 5. Departure

    Departures are scheduled at 9:00 and 13:00.


Nagasaki Port Terminal Map
  • ● From JR Nagasaki Station:
    2 minutes by car / 10 minutes on foot
  • ● By street car:
    3 minutes on foot from Ohato Station
Nagasaki Port Terminal Map

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